CT Boucherie

CT Boucherie – Prime cuts and the savoir-faire of the Troisgros family A bistro of special cuts from chefs Claude and Thomas Troisgros, CT Boucherie was founded in 2011 inspired by the home lessons Claude had with his father, Pierre, a highly-skilled boucher, and by the frequent visits to the cattle market in Saint-Christophe-en-Brionnais, in the south of Burgundy. More than 15 choices of cuts are complemented by a plentiful and varied buffet of side dishes constantly served around the room by the waiters. Fish, shrimp and other seafood also have their special place in the menu.   The restaurant can be found in three neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro: Leblon, Barra da Tijuca and Jardim Botânico. Didier Labbé, executive chef of the Troisgros group, is responsible for supervising all branches and executing the menus created by Claude and Thomas Troisgros.   The restaurants have casual decoration, with elements that evoke real French butcheries. On the walls, art with meat cuts signed by the late and renowned artist Guilherme Secchin, who has drawn on the walls of the Barra and Leblon branches himself. The project is signed by architect Ricardo Hachiya, who has chosen tilled walls that remind of old butcheries and reclaimed-wood flooring.  



Leblon 021 2529-2329

Rio Design Barra 021 3328-2604


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